Floss Academy

Welcome to Floss Academy, where oral care meets scholarly flair! A fusion of scholarly charm and oral care expertise. The waiting area boasts plaid-patterned walls, reminiscent of cozy study nooks. Whether you’re here for a checkup or a root canal, the plaid sets the tone for a comfortable visit and with timeless hues that envelop you as you await your appointment. Need a distraction while waiting? Our custom-made ruler elements double as a fun selfie wall. Pose with precision, and let the rulers measure your enthusiasm for good dental hygiene. As you move toward the open bay, notice the wallcovering adorned with mathematical formulas. Euler’s identity, the Pythagorean theorem, and quadratic equations dance across the wall. It’s a nod to intellectual curiosity—because understanding oral health is as essential as solving complex equations. “A+ Smiles.” It’s not just about straight As; it’s about achieving top marks in oral care. From cleanings to fillings, our goal is to leave you grinning like a valedictorian on graduation day.


Chicago, IL

Type of Business

Pediatric Dentistry & Tongue-Tie Center